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Not long finished watching Wayne Swan, Aust Treasurer speaking at national Press Club in Canberra.


1) Kept referring to Aust having the worst "per capita" pollution for carbon. Which, considering 7.5 million sq kilometer land mass / 20 million population, mainly on the east coast fringe, makes the statement a nonesense.

2) Kept referring to carbon tax saving the Murray/ Darling food bowl, (which the greens are trying to kill by taking water from the irrigators), Kakadu, which is as green as it will ever get considering it's in a tropical high rainfall Territory, and saving The Great Barrier Reef, which we are told is being killed by solar influences, but at odds with the "fact" that sea levels are rising, if you believe the propaganda, and will therefor submerge it out of harms way.

3) Kept refreing to most of our trading partners having a carbon tax of some sort despite only the EU being involved. Also failed to mention USA and China, most of Asia and South America, don't.

4) Admitted the carbon tax (with a nomilal value of $20, will be re-named a carbon trading scheme after 12 months and prices will be at market demand. Refused to elaborate on other "models" costed at greater values

5) failed to answer the question satisfactorily that considering our "elected" minority government has power by virtue of a lie, "there will be no carbon tax", wouldn't it be better to wait another 12 months after it's introduction for her to get a mandate via an election.

6) Said there is no time to loose, can't wait another 12 months, despite our previous and assasinated, (equally inept Labor) PM, putting the whole thing on hold indefinently after the Copenhagen debacle failed to gain any concensus.

7) Spent 75% of the time claiming the Opposition is running a scare mongering campaign, but denying telling pensioners the seas are rising and they will probably drown, (in 100 years time), was scaremongering.

8) Failed to address the energy future needs and told lies about an emerging alternative energy factor in establishing figures which show we will be richer by paying an extra tax in perpetuity.


This treasurer lacks any sort of credibility as does his partners in crime who all come from the school of socialist agendas in the Unions including one front bencher who's socialist mother-in-law happens to be The Union apppointed Governor General of the Country.

This government is the problem, not the solution.
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