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RNZAF AW109s arrive

Makes perfect sense to me. If you're a small Air Force (read boutique Air Force, as I have heard them described) then you need maximum value and utility for your dollar. Don't forget, the Kiwi's train what, 5 -10 rotary pilots a year? Hardly worth having a specific aircraft for that, any flying school wouild go broke with those numbers. Far more sense in a cash strapped country to get some machines that have a dual purpose if not quadruple! I have no comment on the choice of AW109, any light to medium twin would have done, I'm sure. Perhaps they looked at the RAN model or just got a good deal? As for retractable complications etc, I and many others learnt to fly on the PC9, no wheels up landings due to many, many defences, not an issue.
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