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iPad 2

I have just tried the iPad 2 over a 4 hour flight and it preformed well. Using Oz runways by R Wilson and Air Nav Pro with WAC charts loaded. It was fast enough to render the WAC in zoom while conducting low level turns and no lag was detected. The render did jerk to some degree while zoomed out to about 1:1 WAC scale though nothing that would put me off. It was very good in most cases of zoom and render times were good. Air Nav Pro dose not have any RAIM warnings and the data base overlay is not verified to any standard to be reliable for sole navigation. If you use it for reference only to the WAC the position rendered was spot on the the Helicopters position.

As far as Oz runways. Awesome DAP rendering and very nice to use for an EFB for approach plates. The top menu buttons are a bit small for fat fingered heli pilots when in flight. Other than that bring on the Oz runways full EFB with moving maps and Enrout charts. Is is the future and the iPad is by far the best option, bang for buck out there.
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