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I have to confess to being pretty saddened by this thread. Formerly GD/P, I rejoined the RAF someting over 30 years ago in the Admin (Sec) Branch. OC Accounts, OC PSF (Flying station on a hill in N Lincs) where the Admin Wg philosophy was to make it work for the operators on the squadrons and in Eng Wg (in between the frequent practice Part 1s). After flight commandering in IOT and opening "Death Star", the 3 1/2 years in Command Accounts were predicated on help rather than hindrance. Indeed one of the fundamental issues for me on the flying staions was whether "hand brake house" made it easier or more difficult for the operators, and my perception of that relationship always formed an important part of the debrief to OC Admin and the Stn Cdr. Later as OC Admin on a secret Cambridgeshire airbase the philosophy I always tried to apply was that "admin was oiling wheels, not adding grit"! Seems a great shame if 18 years on, the general oerception of Admin or Support Wing is that it is an ocean-going PIA. Come on penguins, make someone's day a little easier tomorrow, not more difficult!
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