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tarting to think its a good job I haven't splashed out on a Garmin
..... I Concur . I recently flew to the Alps and back, first time deeper into France than L2K. The situational awareness that the iPad provides is far superior to the other nav aids I had in the heli (Skymap IIIc, Garmin 695, Garming 430), the only one I used was the iPad.

Air Nav Pro - excellent, especially if you buy the local charts within the app and take the time to load in the airport plates (very easy in france thanks to the SIA Civile publishing them freely in a useful format).

Memory map - useful moving map backup, quicker and arguably more robust than Air nav pro as it's not really computing anything, but very limited in application other than confirming where you are (no useful direct to command, or leg planning), also the map only shows north UP which I find a little irritating

NOTAMs HD - quick and useful, shows notams on a map too

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