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Sorry Ancient, being boring again, mea culpa.

Well, Mike from WSM focused in on the answer about 4 posts in, but really, the issue hasn't been truly analyzed.

It's simply the point about the brakes being something special in the way they generate heat and consequently lose energy; something more than all the other heat generating parts of deceleration.

Mind you, the thread has raised some interesting points, like the one about planning cornering so that heat is not generated in the brakes, but this would still of course require the speed either not to have been built up in the first place, or have been washed off by some other means before the corner.

Cornering. A mass having its direction changed though 90 degrees, will have had its speed on one vector reduced to zero, and increased to 100% of whatever, on the new vector. This can't be a free lunch . . . erm, can it?
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