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A couple of points:

Firstly, as a PoO, my understanding is that LizMalone has been on the Unite Exec committee for some time, not just recently - hence record of her expenses for Exec duties been shown in Unite's accounts.

Secondly, BA is required by law to recognise a "Union" not a "branch" where the appropriate numbers are achieved. Is there sufficient evidence around to possibly demonstrate that the "branch" is not a proper legally constituted organisation for recognition, because it is in breach of its own constitution and Unite's rules ? Could this be LenM's get out of jail card - Unite want to maintain recognition, but unfortunately the capitalist laws mean that the evil employer will use the law to force de-recognition, because the branch is in breach, therefore regrettably Unite has to take appropriate action to ensure that the branch becomes fully compliant, even though it doesn't want to, and bla, bla, bla ?
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