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Originally Posted by Crash one View Post
I must admit I was being a little flippant, How would a mil controller tell a pilot in such a position to take evasive action as rapidly as possible??
I think the point you are missing is that if the mil controller wanted to confirm you had received, understood and were going to take evasive action, then 'Roger' will not be an acceptable answer as it conveys no real information about your understanding, agreement or intentions.

If the Mil Controller just wanted to Cover His A$$, then the fact he said 'lookout' and you said 'Roger' is good enough. It doesn't really matter if your Roger meant 'Didn't understand that but don't care', 'Understood but not bothered', or 'Understood and I am now going to do something, but not bother to tell you or the other guy'

There was an interesting debate a month or so ago about the 'proper' response to a traffic advisory, and the general view of the UK Controllers seemed to be, they don't really care if you have seen the traffic or not, so Roger is perfectly acceptable. You have heard them say something, they don't care if you understood or what you do with the information if you did understand.

In the US and most of the rest of the places I have flown (including the UK if there is a real collision risk) the controller will badger you until you confirm you have the traffic visually or you are going to do something to address the risk.
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