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'CRASH ONE' said ;

"I am talking about the SPIRIT of the "law" here, not the picky nano missing but obvious "real" meaning.
If you received a transmission "Gxx fast jet traffic on your 12oclock same height, break! break! break!" You didn't understand it but replied (with butterflies fluttering round your head) "Roger" & continued on your way.
What is the controller going to think when he sees three blips on his screen disappear? "

I need educating here, if ATC sent me that message I would assume that when he said 'break' he was stopping transmitting to me to send a more important message to another aircraft. I would indeed keep a sharp look out but not reply. Have I mis understood something ?

Somewhat off topic, the only time I have braked in midair, was as a low hour student and a seagull crossed right in front of me on the downwind. I hit the brakes ! and then thought to myself 'that was a rather daft thing to do !' ( I never did that again )

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