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I still cannot agree that people like Holley and Everard can negotiate with BA when they are no longer employed by them. How can it be, whichever way you point, that these dismissed individuals could enter the office of KW to 'represent BASSA!' It is absurd. And if, as is suggested by VK, that they could become "salaried reps of BASSA even though are no longer employed by BA" they could still represent BASSA.

That is even more absurd and I really do doubt that part of the discussion KW is having with LMcC is that he will not allow BASSA reps in the ilk of Holley and Everard in his office. I'd say that is right and proper. It is so ridiculous it is in the realm of a black farce - even a comedy!

Btw. Did we hear after all that DH failed at Watford?
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