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I think the effect of the many part-timers on both the ballot result and the operation in the event of a strike should not be underestimated.

Having part time staff voting to strike artifically inflates the actual damage the withdrawal of labour could inflict on the operation; having one crew member down is less of an issue as BA does not crew to minimal levels, and it's even less of an issue if that space can be rapidly filled by a VCC or Mixed Fleeter.

Originally Posted by mrpony
I can't believe anyone would believe this insulting pile of bullsh!t. The way is being paved for full time employees to represent BASSA after the anticipated embarrassing climb-down and subsequent reorganisation of the Branch. Now, I can't imagine who'll be up for that number, can you?
Did I understand that correctly; the Malone/Everard/Holley show could continue as they could potentially become permanently salaried BASSA reps even though two of them don't work for BA any longer???

Weird and Wondrous indeed!

It's just so very important that people within BASSA take an interest in the internal workings of the Branch and are in a position to nominate themselves to run the branch once Holley et al. step down in October; if they remain unopposed, this embarrassing shower of an "leadership" could continue misrepresenting the interests of cabin crew.
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