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Thanks to BASSAWitch on the other forum we now have an update on what is going on. According to DH only Unite (LM) and BA (KW) have had any discussions (negotiations) and thus BASSA & CC89 have not been involved at usual. We've been here before and it didn't work last time.

Much bluster and bravado sounding like BASSA is in charge with an implied short window of opportunity for BA to capitulate before announcing strike dates with still no statement of the reality (possibly because in the delusion there is genuinely no comprehension of the reality) that it's Unite's call whether to take the risk of an unprotected strike or that there are severe consequences to individual CC should they choose to take action.

Further, continuing denial of knowledge of the outcome of the ET even though BASSAWitch believes the outcome is known but not yet published.

With all this interim preamble Unite/BASSA are heading for a big disappointment from their loyal members should they not now call the strike. As they say the clock is indeed ticking - but most certainly not for BA to feel any pressure to capitulate - as BASSAWitch says "projection" - that most wonderful of delusions!

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