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Bidding is done at 2 stages.

At stage 1 you bid for a selection of 'triplines' - ie those that you deem best suit your lifestyle. Note there are several software packages to assist you in refining the 'triplines' to suite eg weekends off, most money, fewest reports, day trips, nightstops etc etc - were a person not to utilise such software they would have to go through an A4 sized phonebook thick list of trips each month and look at each 'line of work'.

The more junior you are the more triplines you have to bid for in a hope of getting one (and indeed you might bid for 250 and not get one assuming 250 more senior pilots wanted them), however, the most senior guy/gal would in reality only have to bid for one as he/she would be assured that 'tripline'. So when you overhear someone on the crew bus say 'I usually get one in my top 5' this either means they relatively senior or pick obscure lines that one one else wants, one mans night Moscow is another mans Istanbul layover....

Ideally each of these triplines will be equal to or in excess of CAP (BAs required monthly hours, it changes each month but is generally about 88ish). If you get one in excess of CAP you bank the hours for use at a later date.

If after stage one you get a tripline that doesnt make CAP you will have to bid at stage 2 to top it up, or use banked hours from previous months, or be penalised by the company for each hour you are below CAP (meaning, say you were 2 hours below CAP, the company would subtract from your salary 2 x 'your hourly rate' [which itself is paypoint dependant]).

Now once you are actually undertaking the months work should unforseen things happen (like snow in December) the company will pay you for each hour you work above CAP (ie you get money not banked hours). The pay would be a minimum of 4.5 hours per day at your hourly rate.

Also you can pick work up in 'Open Time' (which is basically uncovered trips) and be paid at your hourly rate (assuming you are equal to or above CAP already - if not you will have to reach CAP first to trigger the hourly payments).

So when I said in my last post that I was marooned in Geneva for 5 days I got...

Overtime: 5 days x 4.5 hours per day = 22.5 hours x my hourly rate (about 45 quid) = 1012
Downroute allowances: 5 days x 24 hours per day = 120 hours x 2.87 per hour = 344

In addition to the Geneva fun 'n' games I did a little over 20 hours overtime/'Open Time' (I worked 3 wrap around days [another story]). This bulked my December additional hours up to 46 hours at 45/hour.

You refer to duty pay but BA call it time away from base pay (2.87 per hour) its there to cover meals etc down route and is applicable from 'swiping in' to 'release' so on a 5 day tour thats [5x24]x2.87

Flight pay (9 per hour from brakes off to on) is for whatever you want to do with it. In reality, you turn up to a hotel, get 40 euros out, go eat and be merry, and when giving your room key back the next morning you can put back into your BA account any monies not spent or assuming your next stop uses the same currency use it there instead.

One closing remark. It all sounds weird but in truth you pick it all up over time by word of mouth, 'experts' on the line, friends and fingers burnt dabling in the dark art of Bidline Rules (BALPAS/BAs agreed contract).

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