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Litebulbs - "How could a branch reject that?"

Under normal circumstances I agree and don't think a branch would turn-down an agreement negotiated by a union on those terms.

However, you do realise that - BASSA's (read DH's and senior Rep's) problem is not MF fleet size, nor suspensions, nor working on-down, nor any other specific matter, BASSA's problem is that unless an idea originates from THEM it will be automatically rejected and if push comes to shove they will go on strike to get their way thus giving BASSA complete control over IFCE operations - don't you?

This is quite simply one monumental power struggle for who is in control and under these circumstances BASSA will never, never, never, accept anything that it doesn't propose and will strike if anything it proposes is not accepted by BA.

This is a fight to the death and neither BA or BASSA can or will back down until one or the other is overthrown - and I think we all know who that will be.

Even now BASSA's leadership have no concept of BA having any control over IFCE operations and think that the entire success of BA is directly attributable to their running the most and probably only important part of the company. They also believe, even now, that BA is going to back-down and they will 'win'. They believe they have a hot-line to the CEO of the company and are still confused how the CEO has been able to ignore them for the past few months given BASSA's vital importance to the running of BA.

They have no understanding or perception even of the intellectual differences and abilities between themselves and those on the BA Board and believe their understanding of what is good for BA should stand.

Such is the deception that accompanies megalomania.

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