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Hi Litebulbs,

I watched the whole of that series 'The British at Work' that you mentioned and posted a link to in your post 250. It was a really interesting.

As you know I was not in favour of the strike and agree with Hi Flyer about how badly this was handled by the Union and in some ways by BA too. One of my biggest concerns, as well as wanting to maintain my own income due to my commitments ( which I believe will be maintained), was the terms and conditions of Mixed Fleet which unfortunately have been set very low, definitely not market rate plus 10%.

What I found very interesting in that documentary was the statistic that in 1995, chief executives earned on average 44 times more that the average uk wage; I thought that was high until they went on to say that TODAY chief executives now earn 88 times more than the average wage!!That has happened over just a 15 years period, the same period that the general wages are been pushed down!

Many of us are unhappy with what the union has done and were not happy to go out on strike but even people like me are starting to worry about this general trend for companies, not just BA, to offer the lowest wage possible and this general attitude, particularly found on this thread, that people no longer deserve to earn a good wage anymore and should be thankful they have a job.
Meanwhile, the city and fat cats get richer!! Maybe I am turning into a lefty too. Well a little more left than I used to be!!!

Take care.
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