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Eloquently expressed, and you have saved me trying to compose something in similar vein. I'll play it in a different form, drawing on your excellent analysis ...
  • The Cause ... is weak, ill-defined and petulant.
  • Unite ... remains in the grip of 1970's Trades Unionism.
  • BASSA ... I find it hard to find words suitable for Public expression, but I'll go for Leadership self-interest as a catch-all: along with disgusting behaviour and childish rhetoric.
  • CC89 ... could possibly have helped. Why didn't they?
  • BA ... has finally almost recovered control of the Company after decades of concessions. There can be no turning back if the Airline is to survive in this decade.

Then there are the CC. I will not insult any of them by trying to generalise, as they are many different people with different motives and/or aspirations.
  • Full-time or Part-time
  • Primary earner, or needing to supplement family income, or "Hobby job".
  • All the different 'Fleets' and bases.
  • Different aircraft types.
  • Favourite [or otherwise] routes.
  • Different pay-scales and T&Cs.

It's a mess, jointly created by BA and the Unions since privatisation. And it has to be sorted out. The fact that BA has said existing T&Cs will be maintained apparently holds no sway with some existing staff ... they either refuse to read what BA says, or disbelieve anything BA says.

So, the 5,800 "Yes" voters have spoken, or at least made noises about 'sending a message to BA'. I'm sure the courage of their convictions, and unswerving support for BASSA, will be reflected by the way a substantial percentage will report to work as normal if a strike is approved. And that is where I find it difficult to accept their posturing and general behaviour. You want to strike? Go ahead and do it, but don't keep making meaningless gestures by ticking the "Yes" box if you don't have the intelligence to work out what you're actually saying, and lack the courage to follow up with the action.

In this area I actually agree with Mr Holley ...
  • If you voted "No", then walk away from the Union that is mis-representing you, and has lost legitimacy through it's fiddling with rules to keep Holley in place and he's being funded with your money.
  • If you voted "Yes" to strike, then bloody well do it and have the courage of your supposed convictions.

You will, of course discover that BA will operate without you, and the SLF actually won't miss you.

... and [breathe] [/rant]
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