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Lord Bracken
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Yes, that Kristallnacht thing might even prove to be a tipping point. There can't be many of the 5700 YES voters who don't find it reprehensible.
It's because your average BASSA member (of the 5700) is pretty low down on the intelligence scale, combined with an arrogant manner derived from being told for decades that they're wonderful (if we're talking mastubatory frenzies, surely nothing can compare with the "the best crew in the world" circle-jerk that existed in IFCE in the first decade of the 21st Century?)

So they throw around phrases like Kristallnacht or use images of Iwo Jima because they think it makes them look wordly and wise, without realising how deeply offensive it is to link those events with an industrial dispute that can be summed with in the phrase "too posh to push."

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