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McCluskey has stated he is at the whim of the democratically elected Union/BASSA membership, and will only take action if they want it.

That is why the issue of access to the BASSA accounts, and challenging the electoral process is so important. It's a matter for BASSA members to bring about change from within; trouble is there doesn't seem to be anyone brave enough to stick their head above the parapet and risk the bullying and victimisation which would inevitably ensue. Can't say I blame them, really.

I can't think of a single move made by BASSA in recent history that hasn't been self-destructive. It is an exceptional organisation in this respect. If BASSA were a person it would be diagnosed with a mental illness.
And the individual who most encapsulates BASSA has an "unfortunate event", not to say a mental breakdown, last night on another forum (he is alleged to be HUW):

CabinCrew.com: BASSA militant exposed!

This was my favourite bit, when I think the G&Ts really kicked in:

Originally Posted by Hung_up-Wings/Holley
Yes you are a pilot you f**king knobhead - dont be trying to f**king hide - see a coward to the f**king end - you sh*thouse
I had never heard the phrase "spineless masturbator" before; I will have to drop it into conversation, though one would think that if you masturbated a lot, being spineless might not be such a disadvantage
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