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Unite rules


Whilst mccluskey wants Column inches in the media, unite will do little or nothing about bassa. He continues to want column inches in the media to keep up his influence/status/prestige within the Broad Left coalition. Their current campaign is about embarrasing the present Government. (It has nothing whatsoever to do with retaining jobs in the public sector.......believe that and you'll soon see flying pigs).

bassa are already operating way outside Unite's rule book. See Rule 6 about lay officials, and rule 18 about workplace reps. Both insist on elections, at least every 24 months.

"6.5 The electoral period to hold lay office shall be two years unless otherwise provided
for under these rules."

Also, if you really want the anorak prize, go and read rule 17 about Branches. I attach a bit of it below. bassa are way out of these rules.

bassa's other leverage over mccluskey is malone's presence on untie's Executive Council.

Lizanne Malone Region 1 [London, Eastern & South East] Additional Women’s Rep
mccluskey will not want to be told by his executive council that he is not supporting one of the EC members....

By the way, note that malone is a Region 1 rep. Getting in as a Region 1 rep suggests that she's got some high quality contacts in untie. The Civil Aviation rep is Sean Beatty. (whoever)

Bits of rule 17
17.3 Branches shall have direct access to a proportion of membership subscriptions. Such a
proportion and access arrangements to be determined by the Executive Council, and
may be conditional on performed compliance with financial reporting requirements.
These funds may be used to meet the cost of administering the Branch; for recruitment
and other campaigns approved by the Executive Council; for local affiliations; to assist
members or their dependants who have suffered misfortune; or for any other worthy
cause, subject to any provisions elsewhere in these rules, and that no general
purposes funds shall be used for political objects. Any payments made in connection
with any form of industrial action must be made strictly in line with Executive Council
guidance applicable at the time.
17.4 All the property of the Branch including the books and other effects of the Branch, shall
be the property of the Union and shall, on request by the Executive Council, be
produced for inspection and audit. In the event of a closure, merger or dissolution of the
Branch, all property of the Branch shall be dealt with as directed by the Regional
Committee subject to the overall control of the Executive Council.
17.5 The Regional Committee shall be required to ensure that each Branch meets at regular
intervals and operates in accordance with the standing orders provided for in clause 10
of this rule. Where a Branch fails to convene an Annual General Meeting of all
members that Branch shall be suspended and members of the Branch shall be
allocated to a Branch which meets subject to the right of the Branch to appeal to the
Executive Council.

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