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A couple of points that I'd disagree with Richard:

"Cant help but feel that ghastly behaviour by BA staff, such as the disgusting comparrison by BASSA to Jewish war dead can only be tolerated to a point by BA however" -
can we not tarnish everyone at BA with the same brush. It was a small minority of BA cabin crew who took this disgusting action and not "BA staff" as a whole (or even cabin crew as whole).

"And they can easily change their course and issue 90 day notice for those still not on the new contract.... job done."
- BA can't do this selectively so this action would also hit cabin crew who have not voted for strike action. BA would be shooting themselves in the foot with this approach.

I personally thought that BA wouldn't intefere with the last strike ballot and when it went ahead sack strikers on day 1 to effectively end the dispute and rid itself of disruptive crew. The fact they didn't suggests they won't do it now. It looks like they will be happy to take the "do nothing" approach that mr Pony suggests.
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