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I've always thought nuclear electricity was cheaper and cleaner than other kinds of productions.
Facts make me wonder... it seems to be true until something goes wrong.

Some questions I have in mind :
- What would be the temperature of the core IF it begins melting ?(I really, really hope it won't)
- What is the melting temperature of the stainless steel container ? I read pressure is already twice what it should be in #2 reactor at Fukushima-Da´shi, is this a factor in regard of the container's strength ?
- Is this temperature the same once the sea water has corroded everything ?
- How does concrete react to high temperatures ? I know plaster becomes very fragile, is it the same for concrete ? If yes, how will it react to future earthquakes when/if overheated ?
- How long would the core take to cool down ?
- What will be the SOP to clean the place afterwards ? Is there a SOP ?

Thanks to anyone for answers.

I saw on TV the rescue teams France sent to Japan. They took nuclear protections in their luggage... hope this was "just in case".

I hope optimists are right and pessimists are wrong.
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