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We were so poor we used to 'ave to get up half an hour before we'd gone to bed, walk 8 hours to work at mill for tuppence a week ........

Seriously, I was born mid 1953, don't remember a lot about the late 50's but it was good. (Our father used to thrash us to death .....). My parents were strict but we had a decent upbringing and learned values, and the young folk nowadays ..... just don't have any. My sister and I used to walk to school and although we were warned not to talk to strange men, and all that guff, there wasn't the paranoia that goes on nowadays, I remember it was big news when a guy exposed himself to one of the kids on the bus one day, we were called in to school assembly for what was, I suppose then, the predecessor to 'counselling'.

Of course it was a Conservative government, then along came Harold Bloody Wilson and that lot and screwed things up in the next decade, fortunately I wasn't in the UK for most of it but what I remember was grim.
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