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I was born in early 1953 and I have to say that my memories of the late fifties were all milk and honey. Very little traffic, no telephone, no fridge, coal fires, and, no TV until about 1959.

Family values were much better than they are now; therefore, less crime. Doors and windows of your home could be left unlocked without any worry of being burgled/ransacked.

We were quite a poor family; however, my parents provided both my sister and I with an upbringing that wanted for nothing. These days it would appear to be a neccessity to have a TV and a computer in every bedroom, and, at least a 50-inch version in the sitting room. In these current days of financial uncertainty families should be cutting back on many (percieved) luxuries and not insisting upon more pay (or worse still... benefits) to pay for lottery tickets and the like. Greed is indeed the root of all evil.

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