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I sat mine before Christmas as well and found it fairly straight forward, as long as you know your stuff.

It's not something you can rote learn really as you may get some left of field questions.

I got a couple of long worded questions in regards to CAT and the level of the tropopause.

Know your icing stuff, reading high level charts and how certain types of thunderstorms develop, low level jets, (DALR, SLR, ELR) and cloud formation / weather associated in certain conditions, conditions expected in various Low/High/Trough situations. I got a couple of each of the above

One question I got was a trick question when it asked wind in a jet stream in the NORTHERN hemisphere, so as with all CASA exams RTFQ.

I used the AFT notes backed up with the BOM notes.

Good luck!

If you study and cover your
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