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The most hilarious (and I don't mean 'ha ha' funny, but more YGBSM funny) thing about the ABC News report is that Randy Babbitt, the head of the FAA (and a former Eastern pilot) told the reporter that he was surprised (shocked, shocked, I tell you !!) to hear that pilots were sleeping in the crew lounges because the airlines had told him that it wasn't happening any more, and they always tell the truth (sarcasm very intended).

I know that he sold his soul long ago in order to become the politician he always wanted to be, but come on Randy, stop worrying about which lucrative fees you will lose once you have left government and gone back to consulting if you actually stand up to the airlines in the true name of safety.This has been one of the biggest problems in the industry since before those of us who lived through the Eastern debacle (and you were there too) were fighting Frank Lorenzo, and it will continue to be one until you finally grow a pair.
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