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"There is said to be growing fury in the upper ranks of the RAF, with the Chief of the Air Staff in conflict with senior commanders over the scale of cuts. RAF command was a “crucible of ill-feeling and that starts at very, very senior levels”, a senior military figure said"

Well, if they feel that strongly about it, they know what they can do... but I bet a pound to a pinch of sh*t that none of them do.

Sympathy for the 38 WO's as well... but in the same way as the trainee pilots, these figures are being released as a political weapon through the press in order to try and discredit the decision makers/try and put one over on MOD/cause embarrassment, etc etc.

It wont have been done this way through incompetence. It would have been deliberately leaked in this manner to cause exactly the effect it has... for 24 hours until Joe Public has forgotten about it and moved back on to what happened in last night's EastEnders...
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