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Service with a smile

I have checked in here tonight to see where this dispute has now got to, the lack of press coverage gives the impression that it is all long since settled.

Having caught up I am deeply disappointed that the promised IA will not now be taking place this month. I will be travelling Club to Rio this week and was really looking forward to a repeat of the 3 LH flights I flew during IA last year. The atmosphere was superb, the crew numbers were down but the VCC were well supported and the service was great.

The problem for the PAX perspective is not knowing who you are dealing with, in a crew of 12 on a 744 statistics say there could be 4 - 5 of the destructive eelement. Usually you can spot them but of course you just never know for certain. Speaking personally and being so disgusted with the beahviour of this union and the damage this mentality has done to this country I have no desire to engage.

I apologise in advance, to those CC that support BA, for appearing as a surly, uncommunicative PAX but it is because I dont know which side of the fence you are on.

I support the notion of the identifying tags as it helps solve this problem.

BA now need to lance this boil in fact it seems to have become more like a small spot. They have been more than patient, nobody will now forgive them for pressing the nuke button.

The requirement to present a new ballot as being unconnected to the original dispute is clearly unachievable, on this basis it seems unlikley that UNITE will ever be able to execute a ballot resulting in protected IA. DH is making the noises that the effect of repeated fake ballots will cause the same damage. Did his mother really never read him the "boy who cried wolf" fable.

Very amusing to hear that he is a failed BA pilot applicant - very funny indeed and explains an awful lot.

I would be amazed if BA put up with this for very long now.

For those Non strikers on Rio on Thursday I thank you in advance for the commitment and courage in the face of these bullys, it is appreciated even if it will be hard to show it.
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