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Purely speculation but

Originally Posted by sanddancer View Post
Those being made redundant, are they being offered alternative employment within the RAF? (or Navy/Army crossovers) - or is it a straight 'see ya'.
It is not just a pilot issue, many other branches are also facing redundancy however it is possible that one or two might be offered a re-branch to Regiment or similar, but that is a pure supposition.

In addition, are they keeping only those doing well on their respective courses or is there some pseudo-PC ability/ethnicity/gender selection going on?
I think it is pretty certain that there will be no pseudo-PC in the process but I can equally predict that there will be claims that there was a bias against assumed minorities.

The real rub is doing well on their respective courses. Someone might be an absolute natural pilot acing all aspects of the flying but they may not be as strong in OQs. The one who is achieving 80-80 might be preferred over the 90-70 man.

if the RAF is making these folk redundant, presumably they can't at the same time be seen to recruit. Ergo, do recruiting offices say 'don't bother' and have they wound the OASC (or whatever it's called now) down?
Whether they are winding down OASC I don't know but it has been stated that the pilot tap is turned off until Jul next year so . . .

enforced retirees could be assumed to have made Air rank over time - what is their redundancy payment going to be based on.
As little as they can get away with.

Now my question:

What about the young (21 year old) borderline redundee, could be reapply to OASC to rejoin as a former commissioned officer and restart training in 2013 or 2014?

no doubt in a years time someone will decide the cuts were too deep and the system will have to spool up again at short notice....
No bets here. There has been a continuous track record of releasing too many and ending up with too few. This has resulted in people rejoining in their 40s or serving beyond 55. It captures experience but goes against the whole ethos of a young service.
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