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On the other thread Betty girl said
. . and give us 90 days to sign or leave, similar to what the London Fire Brigade was going to do.

Well in my opinion the time has come.
In my opinion that would be a mistake._ BA has kept its cool - made memorable by the calm and untroubled demeanour and body-language of Willie Walsh when he was surrounded in a lobby by a mob of left wing activists._ As I see it, BA are content for Heritage/Legacy/First CC to stay until they reach retirement age on substantially the same T&Cs as they are now._ When I say "substantially" I mean no-one can predict the future - would you believe Icelandic volcanoes becoming more active?_ Given time H/L/F CC will see that they are the "Preserved Cabin Crew" and allowed with respect to remain for as long as they like._ The replacing of retiring CC and the need for extra CC because of extra routes will be catered for by the expansion of Mixed Fleet._ It will take time, but enough of Cabin Crew will see and understand._ They who want the Revised-Final-Offer should be allowed to have it, and they who prefer not to sign should not be disturbed.
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