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Dangerman, thats what I suspected. I'm sure CTC would be delighted to let all the ATP cadets know they are pulling from the pool if that was indeed the case.
You need to differentiate here chaps...
  1. There is the "new" ATP pool which CTC will draw upon as and when their Cadet pool is empty.
  2. And there is the "old" ATP pool; the members of which CTC have grouped along with the Cadets in equal standing.
It might sound confusing, but actually very simple. CTC only ever had ATP pilots when they started, thereafter they started training pilots themselves (ab initio onwards) which became their primary offering in due course. However, they continued taking advanced pilots (who'd completed their CPL/ME/IR and MCC elsewhere but passed their selection processes) and ranking them alongside their Cadets up until last year or so (can't remember exactly). At that point, any new ATP/elsewhere-trainined-pilots were clearly informed that they will only be called up as and when their Cadet pool (and "original/old" ATP remanant pilots) has been exhausted.

The guys who are currently doing their easyJet TR are from the "old" ATP pool... I know because I'm one of them.
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