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I just got an invitation for Phase 2 at Dibden. Searching through the forums there are at least 5 threads with averagely 200 pages and post counts reaching to 4000+. I've begun reading them...which will take a while, however some of the information dates back to 2006. Is there any update on what really to expect or is it pretty much the same since then? Also regarding the aptitude test is there any programmes to practice with (like the SkyTest software for DLR) or do we have to face it there on the day?
Mohit - Ignore the 'search for it yourself' comments, I found it pretty hard to dig through all of these posts too! So hopefully I can give you the heads up..

I have just passed Phase 2 and 3 (If you are successful with Phase 2 in the morning, you stay for an interview in the afternoon...) and I can honestly say, there really is very little you can do to prepare for the PILAPT. To give you an idea of what to expect, read this post:

As for the maths test, I would make sure that you are confident with your basic maths. I.e. currency conversion, long multiplication / division, etc.

The groupwork is fairly easy - just make sure you get your voice heard, but don't come across as overpowering (they want a team player!); make sure you listen as much as you contribute, and agree / disagree with people but back it up with reason. Take a look at some 'Balloon debates' (google it..) - fairly bog standard team building stuff.

Just relax and enjoy the day - the assessors are great and really make you feel at ease (And the food is brilliant, which is a bonus because I like eating). Good Luck!

On another note.....

I have a question for anyone who has previously been successful on the Cadet scheme, and followed it all the way through to placement - How / when exactly is the security bond repayed to you? The information from CTC is about as clear as mud when it comes to YOUR money.

Also, has anyone else opted for the 'secure the loan against your parent's property' approach with BBVA? How have you found this worked for you? (I am not looking for anyone's opinion on whether this is morally wrong or not, just an answer from somebody who has shared my position)

Cadet scheme or no cadet scheme, the prospect of 95,000 debt after 2 years of interest build up scares me sh*tless
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