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My initial remark was to the effect that no BASSA supporter had posted a fact based outline of the CC case, LB.

The biggest fact is that BA is still here and does that fact change the fight for survival to an opportunity to remove staff cost? Now I know it is a balance and it is in no way as simple as that, but to me, it is for the employer to take the staff along the road and the first job is to convince rather than dismiss the reps.
As I read this and the other thread over the years, it seemed to me that the fight for survival was exactly that and was the entire reason for negotiating with all the other departments and Unite branches. Having successfully negotiated with all the other sections, it remained for the Cabin Crew to ante up. Week after week BASSA were constipated and BA issued what amounted to an ultimatum - crap or get off the pot. Now we know how it played out.

It seemed to me that BA were trying to convince rather than punish, but, as time went on BASSA became more defensive and cornered by their own attitude. With direct contact with their own employees virtually impossible and the provocation becoming too much to ignore, BA began to take steps. Legal and, in the minds of many, very restrained steps.

2. I know the rhetoric by some on PPRuNe likes to dismiss any action as ineffectual, but 6000 no's after two years is still a huge number and so is the cost of past and future disruption.
But as I said LB, if a contrary organisation has hijacked the communications link between employer and employee, simply by using utter rubbish to blind those employees to reason and then telling them to completely ignore their employer because everything they say is a lie, what is that employer supposed to do? The huge vote in favour of Industrial Action was, I'll admit, quite impressive, but when the reality of walking out came round, the vote looked a bit 'overstated'. And so it has gone on.

Just for the record, I am not a spokesperson for Unite or Bassa, just an interested party, who happens to be a workplace rep and as such, my views are my own and in now way represent the views of Unite/Bassa/Amicus etc. etc.
I knew that LB and I'll admit it has been rather amusing to see other forumeers accuse you of supporting BASSA. You may not, as you say, be the official Unite spokesperson, but you are however, by default, the voice of reason from the the union side, so to speak. Given that that they are unable or unwilling to make their own case for themselves.

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