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May I just ensure that my recollection of matters discussed in this thread is more or less clear?

To date - in something like two years - no BASSA supporter has posted a clear, well argued, fact based explanation of their case?

Mr. Holley - or some doppleganger of his - has posted on this thread, although largely rhetoric and unsubstantiated gobbledegook aimed at the emotions of his flock, rather than to support what is virtually unsupportable?

BA have, on the whole, said very little on the grounds that rationalising with BASSA tends to be an oxymoron. They have mostly stated their intention and then done what they said on the tin.

Because of the nature of a transient and remote work force, coupled with an almost cast iron strangle hold on communications with them by one party, the 'normal' implications of Union ballots has been distorted to the point of irrelevance? A big vote in favour of a strike does not actually imply a big turnout at the picket lines, indeed almost the opposite?

The majority - by a very large margin - of bullying and harassment has been of non strikers by strikers - no fact based evidence to the contrary has every been seen by this thread?

The people who set up and expanded the PCCC have, thus far, remained largely unknown for very obvious and understandable reasons. They have though achieved a great deal with very little, although with the remarkable support of many passengers?

The only reasoned support of any union view has been by Litebulbs - not directly involved with the BASSA dispute - and even he expresses some disbelief in the way BASSA act and have acted. He and 'Eddy' have been left to at least clarify possible points of view and moderate any Daily Mail tendencies in this thread - for which thanks.

It is difficult for anybody, let alone we SLF, to see where BASSA can or will go next?

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