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Among these were a substantial number of army LRs which were being sold off, and at the end of a long line of these were a couple which had been air dropped without the benefit of accurate parachute packing, in the manner described above. They were literally flattened like a pancake, same ground area but about a 2 feet high pile of scrap.
I went to a military vehicle rally where there was a enthusiast who was into all things SAS 'Pink Panther' Land Rover. I mentioned to him that I had a photo of one that had been used for a load on a HALO MSP which had gone in from 12 000 ft. The enthusiast showed me a file with all known Pinkies which had a few that had 'unknown' against their present location. I sent him a copy of the photograph so that one of the 'unknowns' could be written up as 'Scrapped following air-drop at A&AEE. How did we know which Pinkie it was? As you say these things end up about two foot high and on this one the only thing that was recognisable was the slightly bent number plate.
Incidentally the reason this load went in was the Boscombe Trials Officer was being a 'bit of a pain' with the Industrial Staff who rigged the loads and acted as Air Despatchers. During the loading of the MSP the Industrials noticed that the Trials Officer had forgotton to remove the safety pins from the Hite-Finders that would release the main parachutes as the load passed through 2000 ft. Unsurprisingly the reason for the failure was obvious, as was the culprit.
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