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ozl #14: Propping up British Industry again? Yes, but this time, I suggest, a good thing.

Between 11/44 and 3/46 RAF enjoyed 11 C-54B/D under Lend/Lease, which terminated at VJ Day. To retain them and to buy in-Service Support required $ which UK did not have, so off they went to USAAF/USMC/USN. RAF Transport Command tried to operate ludicrous Lancastrians, awaiting 100 Hastings C.1, funded 10/45, operational from 10/48.

On 28/7/47 HP and Avro were joint winners of the Medium Bomber Tender (funding released 19/11/47). Sir Fred.H.P pressed MoS for hands-on work “to keep the factor(ies) going” till Victor B.1 production: thus the WD/WJXXX batch of 41 Hastings C.2.
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