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1st flight in a Haystack. Summer of 1952 an 'Air Experience' flight to, from and around Lynham for Boy Entrants from Yatesbury.

A disappointment as previous flights had been in Anson's, much more 'interesting'

July 58, scrounged a lift from Orange to Benson on a Hastings that was passing through on a Friday. It saved me doing the journey courtesy of SNCF.

Last Hastings flight(s). 1960. Marham-Luqa-El Adem-Khartoum-Khormaksar-Mauripur and 3 weeks later the return trip.
This trip included night-stops at El Adem and Khormaksar in each direction.
The overriding memory was that seeing as we all contracted dysentery while in Karachi, we discovered the shortcomings of the Hastings only being equipped with Elsan toilets. This was a particular problem on the leg from Khormaksar to Khartoum, being bounced all over the sky while crossing the mountains of Ethiopia at about 9,000 feet. Elson's are not spill proof.

Why did we have to suffer so? We were a detachment of 214 Sqdn. We based 3 Valiant's at Mauripur to re-fuel the a/c that completed the 1st non-stop flight from UK to Singapore and the return flight.

We used Mauripur several times after that, but Air Ministry coughed up for a better hotel, the original exercise having nearly been scrubbed due to the numbers of air and ground crew being unfit for duty!
On the 1st trip commissioned types were billeted in the PAF OM, they got sick before those of us in the hotel down town. Future trips all ranks stayed in the same hotel.
Transport Command were also persuaded to supply 'Whimpering Giant' Britannia's. The luxury of hot drinks and FLUSH toilets.

The Lindholme Hastings? Well we had Lincolns when I was there Though I did help install the original NBS 'Trainer' in the Bombing School.
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