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Ok here goes, ill try chip in with what i know. Last i heard which was at the beginning of December I was number 19 in the ATP holding pool, im hoping that has changed.

If you are a low hour Frozen ATPL pilot then ctc offer hope via the ATP scheme. I have nothing but praise for them, they make it very clear on the deal thats offered, and well the AQC is not easy but will train and prepare you for a type rating, the instructors are quality. Your other option is ryanair, they took about 250 from me and turned me down without any feedback, strange that cause i though it went well. To rub salt in the wounds they email 6 months later asking if you want to come pay another 250 for another selection. In my opinion that's not right enough sed.

If you have to sit 1-2 years in a holding pool, thats not bad if you think about it, no one sed it would be easy. I currently work for easy jet and i can say that they have taken on a shed load of pilots and that is going to continue touch wood.

The oxford deal may as good as offer you a job before any interviewn, but after paying 80k on flight training you need a further 35k present in your accout before you can even go for the interview.

Id go the CTC route, but thats just me, if your patient and willing to keep trying it may just work out....
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