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For the FGR2, fuel was roughly 12500lb internal(?), 2500lb each Fletcher and 4000lb C/L...

Sparrows were 427lb each and 'winders were 210lb.

Dom water stories were legendary in the VC10. "Leave the domestic water behind, Eng" was a way of technically squeezing a bit more weight on - but the Air Eng would probably 'forget'.....although one once really did offload all the water before a pond hop .

Another trick, if an 'indulgence seat' wasn't available due to MAUW, was for the Air Eng to find a small snag during taxy out. Then taxy back, 'fix' snag and announce that the indulgence seat was now available as they'd burned 200 lb of fuel..... Usually because the person after the indulgence seat was a mate and some King Teds had been promised to a helpful Mover (yes, really!).

Oh, sorry, Dom 'war', not 'dom water'....

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