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Hey guys,

just for numbers sake I'm in the low 20's and have been in the pool for about 5 months Some of the cadets I did the AQC with were ranked about 170th in their pool and have been called up for TR. I think the pool was at 220 (cadet pool) when I was there so there has definitely been big movement over the last few months.

Just to answer about the 2500hr King Air pilot. To be honest if that was me I would stay well clear of the ATP pool as there is no seniority order with hours, you'll have to do the whole AQC course, spend 6k, wait for god knows how long(.....if ever) before waiting to get the call for Easy and then pay an extra 8k or so for the TR. But hey if your in no rush for a job and as desperate as the low houred cadets then go for it.
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