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Instead it should be current Captains (and FO's) pulling their finger out and join TOGETHER with the cadets to try and improve the terms by taking action.
It's called BALPA and many cadets can't join easyJet's Balpa because they are not employed by easyJet.

Lots of us pay our subs each month to try and help protect you the new joiner so wind your neck in.

This divide and conquer bo**ocks was all in the Roland Berger report from 2007 with many senior pilots advising FO's and SFO to dust off their CV's. This is now happening with the up-turn in airline recruitment hence the influx of cadets to cover the movement of FO's/SFO's and command upgrades.

Talk about dilution of experience!

I recently flew with our head of Balpa and proof read their presentation they are shortly to give the company. To say that they are worried about these cadet issues would be an understatement.
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