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What they refer too is the first model of the Typhoon Aircraft, the Batch 1.

The standard of aircraft is far from standard against the normal production (Block 8) aircraft produced today in handling, performance and also in the standard avionic systems fitted.
1) Tranche 1, not Batch 1, all of which have been or are being brought to Block 5 standards via the R1/R2 upgrades.

2) The difference between Block 5 and Block 8 lies in the latter having a different forward bulkhead (notionally allowing later AESA retrofit) and new processors, on which the same software is hosted.

3) As of today, Block 5 aircraft have an air-to-ground capability while Block 8 aircraft do not.

4) Please justify the claims for differences in handling, performance and specific avionics systems. I don't think there are any.

Other than that, good post
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