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Hi all. I hope someone can answer my question as i have exhausted all other routes and still cant find a clear answer.

I would like to attend a flight school in Florida to complete the FAA IR/CPL/CFI/CFII courses.
I currently hold an FAA PPL.
I have flown over 100 hours since i did my PPL, all of which is relevant for the mins to obtain a CPL and IR.
I havent taken any other written exams for any other licences.
My question is, am i entitled to apply for an F-1 visa?
I would very much like to work as an instructor once i have completed all my courses and from my very basic understanding, i am entitled to apply for the F-1 visa as i currently only hold a PPL.
If someone could clear this up for me it would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks.
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