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"All i'm saying is, as a small bankrupt island off Europe what do we need."

Please let's put this nonsense to bed. We are not bankrupt but have a very large fiscal deficit as a consequence of too much Public Spending over a long period to which we then added the cost of rescuing the Banking Sector.

Post World War 1 we were skint as was the case again in 1945. Postwar there have been few times when we have not had some form of economic crisis! It did not stop the creation of the NHS or the V Force or us buying Polaris and Trident.

Defence has seldom been a real priority for any UK Government. For Tonker and others this presents no issue as there is no longer a threat to the UK homeland. For others our reducing capability will put the UK's worldwide interests at risk.

We still have a pretty large Defence Budget. The suggestion that the RAF might delete the Tranch 1 Typhoons because of obsolesence and to save on running costs might explain why we seem to end up with so little to show for the money spent!
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