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'As Vulcan XH 498 was landing in NZ in October 1959, wind shear caused it to break its port u/c leg on touchdown. The pilot went round again for a successful crash landing. During the circuit the crew in the rear compartment came forward and inserted the safety pins into the two pilots ejector seats, announcing that either they would all get out together or nobody would. They all survived unscathed.'
The brief biographical notes make no mention of any aviation experience of the author.
Uninformed and factually incorrect.

The pilot, one Sqn Ldr Tony Smailes, performed a touch and go prior to the second approach, which was when the incident occurred and which had nothing to do with 'wind shear' as I recall, the aircraft just sank a bit before the piano keys and hit a slight embankment which broke the Port leg. He did not" go round again" and the successful landing was made not at Wellington, but at RNZAF Station Ohakea 90 miles north. This author doesn't know if or when the pins were inserted and is merely repeating rumour and speculation, but the Canopy was jettisoned before landing so the pins may well have been inserted at some stage. I very much doubt any discussion about "all for one, one for all" took place.
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