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Vulcan XH 498 broke an u/c leg on landing,went round and during the circuit the rear crew replaced the pins in the pilots' ejector seats on the 'we're all in this together' and 'you ain't going anywhere without us' mode of operating.
Yes, they probably did replace the seat pins but not for the reason you suppose. They would have done it because they followed the recommended procedure in the Aircrew Manual:

Crash Landing The following considerations are recommended if a crash landing becomes necessary:

(1) Reduce weight as much as practicable.
(2) Have the Nav/Radar make the ejection seats safe. The pip pin in the canopy jettison gun must not be removed.
WRT moggiee's comment:

On the other hand I do remember some of my QFIs (ex-Vulcan chaps) telling me that they used to put their pins in the seats when doing ultra low level work - on the "we all go in together" principle.
Never even heard that discussed, let alone anyone actually doing it.

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