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walter kennedy
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Some who read this thread would relate to the situation of approaching an aerodrome near an urban sprawl at night - you initially may look for the darkest area! - the "regulars" on this thread have unwittingly drawn more attention to the area of nav kit because they have kept it so much in the dark.
Face up to it, by the time they had changed the waypoint they were already too close in (a little over 600 metres to the nearest shore, was it?) to the indistinct hill although they were in daylight, fuzzed up with mist as it was, it was just as dangerous to approach at speed as at night and this very experienced crew would have known this - if they had no reason to approach it that closely then they were indeed negligent to some extent.
I believe that the most harsh verdict was politically motivated so as to infer to the public that it was just a case of pilot error "beyond any doubt whatsoever", to allay concerns over, say, sabotage that could have led to unrest or mistrust of the peace process so the government is not going to give up this view lightly.
So perhaps you all could expend just a fraction of your energy that you have fruitlessly expended on "airworthiness" (etc) on what they could have been intending to do there.
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