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Sorry but you wrong Olive, however if you had written the following.......

Originally Posted by Olive oil View Post
What is suspected, because there is no actual eyewitness evidence to prove the fact is that the aircraft flew into deteriorating weather and the crew did not avoid it or return to base. With that lack of definative information, the ROs had The Rules of The Air and JSP318 and ASOs and a stack of regulations to guide them to their findings and conclusions without the need to consider the precise order in which the crew's airmanship/captaincy may or may not havefailed. That was their opinion then and I suspect that nothing here now is likely to alter their views.

Opinion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Even JP has admitted he has no idea as to the weather that was observed from the flight deck windows in the minutes prior to the crash. The fact is no one alive knows what could be seen from the flight deck windows so what ever opinion anyone has it's nowt but supposition.

And in this case that simply will not do or am I missing something here
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