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A37575: My point exactly. "Unless the correct amount of corrective rudder is fed in to counter yaw, the control wheel then turns automatically to hold the ILS localiser. This causes inevitable flight spoiler operation and thus unwanted drag. The whole event can then turn into what is beautifully described as a horses's arse."

And that is because of crossed controls.Teach the drivers to do it properly. Allowing cross controls during autopilt useage is bad piloting; it is not a reason not to use all aids at your disposal. The use of automatics is to reduce the workload and improve oversight of the operation. This is true in normal & non-normal ops. If the automatics are doing a bad job it does not mean it is the fault of the automatics.
For a SE ILS, if the rudder is trimmed correctly it will be the same for all configurations except when reducing thrust to slow down for more flaps. A little opposite rudder for a few seconds should not be beyond the wit of most. Thrust control is no more difficult than a manual approach. Mis applied rudder with autopilot on is obvious by looking at the aileron defelction.

Your comment about turning base I see all the time, but that is because people extend flaps in turns. Reduce thrust with no rudder input. If you increase thrust 3% then turn there is no need for rudder input and everything is smooth. SE turns in constant config is highly recommended and SOooo much easier.

It reminds of 1 airline I flew for on the classic years ago. In London TMA there were many step climbs of 1-2000'. On B767, years before, they had introduced a PIP software which, in LVL CHG gave a gentle climb for such small adjustments. The classic just went full power and screamed up. Those of us 'in the know' used V/S 1000fpm and taught it. The HOT did not like this as many pilots did not know the gotchas of V/S. He banned it and insisted on KISS, the use of uncomfortable LVL CHG. Guess what; with TCAS, and RVSM, it is now Eurocontrol SOP. So rather than train guys how to do it properly it was banned. Is that the correct attitude? Know what does what and know how to use it, then choose the best. Ignorance will bite you hard. I still see guys playing the piano on the AFDS trying to find the correct button to make happen what they want. AND they still look at the button and NOT the FMA. Detailed good complete training will always go a long way. It's the diluted version which will cause problems later.
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