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Happy New Year Seldom.

I do not believe for one moment that Gp Capt Pulford chose to exclude Sqn Ldr Burke's evidence from the BOI. I think he was leant on from a great height.
Before you complain again JP, do read what the HOL said about the exclusion of Burke. They think the same as me, so I have considerable top cover.

The inclusion of the Burke evidence would not have made a great deal of difference to the findings of the original BOI. They did not not after all produce the findings of Gross Negligence.
They could easily have supported their case with something like.

" At around one minute before the crash Mr Holrook witnessed the aircraft apparently serviceable and under control. The Board find it (Highly?) unlikely that a catastrophic failure of the types envisaged by Sqn Ldr Burke could have happened in the short timescale available........"

The findings of the Board would still make sense.

It would still make it impossible for the Reviewing Officers to reconcile (Highly) unlikely with the concept of Absolutely No Doubt Whatsoever.
Even politicians would see through that one.

Hence the need for Wratten, Day and fellow travellers such as JP, to try and suppress the evidence.
If you ignore it, it does not exist.
Is that your attitude JP? An ostrich does that, and it eventually gets eaten by lions.
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