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Friend of mine undertook his first simulator assessment session (A320)after arrival with an Indonesian low cost carrier. He had 16,000 hours mainly 757/767 and a type rating A320 simulator only. Cleared for take off with left turn (simulator) under visual day conditions. Just before bending the aircraft around to the designated heading at 2000 ft, he glanced over his shoulder in a reflex action to check all clear for traffic.

Immediately the Indonesian check captain stopped the simulator and demanded an explanation of why the pilot checked all clear before commencing the turn. The astonished pilot said it was good airmanship to have a look if visual conditions and that he had done this for years.
The check captain said "You should never look outside for traffic- you should always rely on TCAS to warn you of traffic". Another case of automation gone mad. And they walk among us in Indonesia....
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